Child benefit

Child benefit (kinderbijslag) is the Dutch government allowance to cover part of the expenses of raising a child under 18. The rules for who is eligible for child benefit and how much it will be paid are set down in the National Child Benefits Act (Algemene Kinderbijslagwet).

Child benefit helps to cover the costs of upbringing and maintenance of:

  • your own children;
  • adopted children;
  • foster children;
  • stepchildren or
  • other children that you bring up and care for as if they were your own children.

The amount of child benefit depends on the age of your child.

2014 from 0 to 5 years old between 6 and 11 years old between 12 and 17 years old

per quarter


€ 191,65 € 232,71 € 273,78

Child benefit normally stops when your child turns 18. Under certain conditions, it may stop sooner no matter whether he/she continues to study. In case your child has taken up a job while being underage, you lose the right for the benefit.

When your child benefit stops depends on the day on which your child turns 18. If your child has not yet reached the age of 18 on the first day of a quarter, you will get child benefit for that quarter.

Any relevant changes in this respect shall be reported immediately to the SVB.


  • Your child turns 18 on 12 April, which is in the second quarter. Your child was not yet 18 on the first day of the 2nd quarter. You will therefore still get child benefit for the second quarter.
  • Your child turns 18 on 1 April. That means that your child is 18 on the first day of the second quarter. You will therefore no longer get child benefit as from the second quarter.

Child benefit may stop before your child turns 18 under the following circumstances:

  • your child has income from work above a certain level;
  • your child dies;
  • your child leaves home and you contribute less than € 416 per quarter towards his or her support;
  • you are going to live or work outside the Netherlands;
  • your child aged 16 or 17:
    • does not attend full time education with the aim of receiving a basic qualification and is not exempt from obtaining a basic qualification;

More information about basic qualifications for a child of 16 or 17

A basic qualification means a diploma at one of the following types of school in the Netherlands: MBO level 2 or higher, HAVO or vwo. Children are exempt from obtaining a basic qualification if they are disabled, or if they have attended a school for employment-oriented training or special education.

Other countries do not have a system with basic qualifications and exemptions like in the Netherlands. Neither do municipalities in other countries tend to help people find work. A diploma that gives a young person a good chance of finding skilled work is considered equivalent to a basic qualification under the Dutch system. Children who are not able to pursue education due to illness or a handicap are exempt from obtaining such a qualification.

Disabled child:

In case you are faced with high expenses because your child lives away from home due to a disability, you may apply, under certain conditions, for child benefit at twice the basic rate.

Child benefit is paid on a quarterly basis. The first payment you will receive will be for the next quarter after your child’s birthday. The SVB pays child benefit after the end of each quarter.

If you adopt a child or if you have just come to live in the Netherlands, your child benefit may start at a different time.

2014 1st quarter 2nd quarter 3rd quarter 4th quarter
Payment dates 2 January 1 April 1 July 1 October

You can find all details at

Please provide us with the following information to claim child benefit:

  • personal data – on a special form;
  • copy /scan of identity card;
  • spouse’s PESEL number;
  • marriage or partnership certificate;
  • child’s PESEL number and birth certificate;
  • certificate of registered residence at the same address;
  • certificate of not receiving/suspension of child benefit from Local Social Welfare Centre;
  • in case of divorced parents:
    • if both parents are working in the Netherlands – benefit is granted to the parent with rights of custody;
    • one parent is working in the Netherlands – benefit is granted after individual examination of the case at the SVB

Please feel free to contact us for further information.


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