E301/U1 or E303/U2 form

  • E301/U1 form is a document which confirms the periods of insurance or employment on the territory of the given EU country. It is indispensible for changing the country of residence e.g. in case of transferring unemployment benefit. The document should be submitted to the Office located in a new country of residence (local Employment Office in case of Poland). Only then it is possible to obtain the unemployment benefits. The form is also useful for establishing the amount of pension benefits.
    E303/U2 form is a document which entitles to continue the unemployment benefit in another country. To receive the benefit overseas you must reside on the territory of the Netherlands during the first 4 weeks of your unemployment and remain available to the UWV. It is only after examining your request that the UWV issues the decision, and then within 7 days from your arrival you may contact relevant Employment Office in your country.

You may file a request 4 weeks before the termination of employment. The forms are issued by the UWV within 8 weeks from the date of submission.

Please provide us with the following information to receive the above-mentioned forms:

  • Personal data – on a special form;
  • Last employer’s data;
  • Employment termination date.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Source: www.uwv.nl

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