WIA / WAO incapacity benefits

If you suffer from a long-term disease and your basic sickness benefit (lasting maximum up to 2 years) has stopped, you may apply for a WIA benefit. WIA benefit cover two schemes:

  • WGA – if the disease duration is more than 2 years, but there is prognosis of partial recovery;
  • IVA – the disease duration exceeds 2 years and recovery is very unlikely

If you receive sickness benefit from your employer, you should request WIA before the right for your sickness benefit stops i.e. during 93rd week.

WAO disability benefit consists of two schemes:

  • Temporary WAO benefits – for an individual who turned 33 years old. It is based on payment of 75% of the daily wage in case of wholly incapacitated person;
  • WAO continuation – after your temporary WAO benefit stops. In such case the amount of the benefit depends on previously earned income only to a certain degree.

The payment is made by the UWV around 23rd day of each month.

Please provide us with the following information so that we can assess your situation:

  • Personal data – on a special form

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Source: www.uwv.nl

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