Maternity benefit

According to the Dutch law, a woman expecting a child is eligible for maternity benefit and childbirth allowance. She is legally obliged to inform her employer about pregnancy not later than 3 weeks before estimated due date, but it is advisable to do so much earlier to give the employer time for conducting organisational changes.

Request for the benefit should be submitted not earlier than 4 weeks and not later than 2 weeks before the beginning of maternity leave. In most cases maternity leave is paid by employer; sometimes however, it is the UWV that assumes responsibility for a mother-to-be.

The decision to grant the benefit is issued within 4 weeks and its copy is sent to employer as well. The amount is calculated on the basis of daily gross rate of pay. It cannot, however, be higher than
EUR 199.15 per day. The benefit is normally paid to the employer’s account, who transfers due amount to the employee. If a mother-to-be is not available for work before this term, she is entitled to receive sickness benefit until she returns to work or her maternity leave starts. In such case, the number of days is deducted from maternity leave.

Time to go on maternity leave is between 6th and 4th week before the estimated due date.

Please provide us with the following information to assess your situation:

  • Personal data – on a special form

Please feel free to contact us for further information.


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