For many of you arrival in the Netherlands means a new beginning. As any other country the Netherlands has its laws to be obeyed. We know how it works when you try to find out something and you reach for unreliable sources such as web forums or friends. It is often the case that the information you get is already obsolete and not applicable anymore, which might result in problems. For this reason, we constantly focus on expanding our knowledge and we keep track of the changes in laws.

We remain available for any assistance, advice or information you may require.

It is up to you which form of consultation you choose:

  • meeting at the Dutch Tax Claim B.V. office;
  • arrival at the customer’s location in case of group meetings (more than 10 people);
  • telephone;
  • e-mail.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to:

  • obtain advice;
  • clarify the meaning of a document;
  • get familiar with the functioning of Dutch offices such as Belastingdienst, UWV, SVB, Gemeente;
  • get to know how to launch business activity in the Netherlands;
  • keep accounts in the Netherlands or in Poland through us;
  • other.
Dutch Tacx Claim
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