Tax relief

When filing your tax return you may apply for various tax reliefs including the general tax credit.

The amount of the tax relief is established each year and has reached a maximum of:

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
€ 2.001 € 2.033 € 1.987 € 1.987 € 2.103 € 2.103

You must meet the following requirements in order to fully benefit from the tax relief:

  • have a fiscal partner according to the Dutch law;*
  • work the entire year on the territory of the Netherlands (the fewer work days, the lower tax relief);
  • since 2014 the amount of the tax relief depends as well on the income earned by both partners (the most favourable situation is where fiscal partner in Poland has no income at all);
  • the age is taken into consideration.

* According to the Dutch law, fiscal partners are people who:

  • are married or have a registered partnership or
  • are registered at the same address and:
    a) have a common child or
    b) have a combined pension scheme or
    c) are the joint owners of the property or
  • were fiscal partners in the previous year.

Please provide us with the following information to obtain a refund:

  • Personal data – on a special form;
  • Jaaropgave of the partner working in the Netherlands.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.


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