IB 60 income/loss statement

IB 60 is an official statement that indicates your profit or loss for a particular tax year. If you failed to file your tax return for a specific tax year, Belastingdienst will issue the statement on a basis of data received from your employer and other authorities responsible for allowances.

IB 60 form is required when:

  • you want to rent a house/flat;
  • your child wants to terminate his/her DUO education loan contract.

The following details are stated on an income statement:

  • income (profit or loss);
  • the year which the income statement pertains to;
  • personal data;
  • the name and address of the issuing Belastingdienst Office;
  • annotation regarding the way income was earned.

Please provide us with the following information to obtain IB 60 form:

  • Personal data – on a special form;

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Source: www.belastingdienst.nl

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